Fresh Frozen or "Live Resin" is a process in which we harvest the plant and while it is still fresh, we freeze the plant material. By freezing the plant matter fresh, with all of the water still inside, it allows for the ability to get a deep freeze of the extraction material, locking up all of the water solubles (plant fats, lipids, and other non-desirables). We then extract only the non frozen oils from the plant This results in a tastier, smoother and overall more pure product. 


One of the older methods of concentrating trichomes is using the original solvent; water. In this process a person uses water and ice to freeze the plant matter of the cannabis plant. The ice water is agitated hard enough for the trichomes to break loose from the plant matter and fall to the bottom of the water. The water is then pumped through a series of bags with filters that are able to catch the trichomes from the water. They are then scraped up and dried. This process can be done with either dried or fresh material, however fresh material gives a far more desirable product that when done correctly can even be dabbed similar to BHO. 

Bubble hash / Ice wax



The extracted oil is decarboxylated and purged of solvents using a specific temperature. Oil refers to the thick molasses or oil-like constancy of the product, which is often packaged in syringes for easy dosing for medical patients. It gives an extremly sedative effect when smoked, but consumers are also able to orally ingest and vaporize the potent oil. Some patients have even used it topically for things like skin cancer.

Don't have the trim, don't worry. We have a full variety of our line of services available wholesale to licensed Colorado medical dispensary's. For more information about wholesale services and trim extraction services please use our contact form page or call our office.

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Similar to wax, however, rather than whipping or stirring, the product is purged using a scientific oven and vacuum pressure to create purge the hydrocarbons out of the oil, creating a brittle or shatter-like consistency as the final product. Over the past couple of years shatter has grown exponentially in popularity because of its visually stimulating structure.

Virtually the same process as BHO with the exception of the Butane. Butane and Propane are both hydrocarbons with almost the same molecular structure. The difference in the two is that propane has a lower boiling point, a higher PSI and is less polar (water soluble). These small differences is solvents can create a totally different product out of the starting material. Gases pass over the material faster and colder also pulling no water solubles. This causes colors and flavor profiles to change radically, and produce a very desirable product, that is easier to purge than butane since it has a lower boiling point.

Plant matter is placed in a column. A mixture of light hydrocarbons (Butane and Propane) are passed over the material. The light hydrocarbons bond to and extract several of the components from the cannabis plant (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavanoids, etc.). The remaining solvents are purged through a whipping and stirring process that creates either a soft, almost budder like consistency, or a more flakey or powder consistency based on the starting product's cannabinoid and terpene profile. 




A tincture is simply hash oil that is infused into an oil. We prefer to use hemp seed oil, to create a pleasant, easily orally ingested product with a thin consistency. Tinctures work sublingualy so they never have the chance to be filtered by your organs, making them far more effective than regular edibles. Tinctures are packaged in 1 oz glass vials with dropper tops for easy and discrete dosing. Each one ounce bottle contains 30 droppers full of medicine that contain anywhere from 5 mg to 300 mg of canabinoids. This allows patients to dose themselves with a consistant dosage every time, as well as increase the dosage without having to increase the amount of oil that is being consumed. That flexibility is vital to patients within the medical market who want potency, longevity and an effective experience.


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